Who is this BETCH?!

So you’re actually interested in what little old me has to say. You’re such a weirdo!

*smizing while sipping tea*

While some particularly salty and sweet individuals might have a variety of colorful adjectives to describe me, I identify as a feminist, traveler, writer, opinion-giver, weirdo and etc. type of chick. My resume has said “Jane of Many Trades” for years. LOL A bitch still gets hired, though. *tongue clicks*  I’ve enjoyed writing since grade school and even went to university for it.  Unfortunately, I went off track with my writing after having one douche of a professor tell me I wasn’t good enough (in so many words). What he really meant was “You aren’t cute enough.”.  Special shout out and a thank you to the very proud Jew, Adam Pitluk for only supporting white coeds he wanted to fuck. Way to do your job!

*deep breath*

Flash forward a fucking decade and I’m now living and exploring abroad. As someone who has never been good at this whole act like a lady thing, I’m not afraid to get my proverbial hands dirty and write some “truths”.